Grassfed & Pastured Meat
Using a management-intensive, grass-based system,
we raise and sell heritage breed pork, grassfed beef, and grassfed lamb.
We sell cuts of beef, pork, and lamb at our farm stand.
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We raise a Romney cross - a great dual wool and meat breed. Our sheep are out on pasture the majority of the year grazing and are brought indoors and to high-use barnyard in the winter. We sell our delicious, grass-fed lamb in bulk once a year - generally in January or February. It is also available in small quantities at our summer farm market (as long as supplies last). 



We raise Tamworth & Gloucestershire Old Spot crosses and Tamworth & Large Black crosses. Our pigs eat locally milled Green Mountain, non-gmo grain, garden scraps, roots, and grass. Their diet has been supplemented with Fertrell minerals, fish meal, and kelp.


In the winter, our pigs come into the barnyard. Summer and Fall allows them to be out in pasture in moveable huts where they enjoy plenty of sunshine and forage. 

We sell our pork bulk and by the cut. 


We have a Dexter/Angus cross beef herd that we raise on pasture most of the year and bring into the sacrificial barnyard during the winter. Occasionally we sell bulk beef but mostly we sell our beef by the cut and price per pound varies.